Digital Advertising Changes For The Year 2022 – Four Strategies To Ad

Published On: March 1st, 2022

You know what they say – the only thing that is always a constant is change. And, that includes the world of digital marketing. In fact, online advertising even moves faster than other industries as tech naturally has faster business cycles. If you are not up-to-date with the times, you risk losing profits or giving away your edge to your competitors.

In this article we enumerate five strategies that will help you confidently move forward despite the changing times.

Ecosystem Creation

One of the best ways to increase the chances of success is to build your own advertising ecosystem. You need to realize that advertising platforms are private companies, and they can change their terms and rules whenever they want. For example, tracking systems have suffered due to the launch of iOS 14. Social media sites place seemingly random restrictions, resulting in ads being put on hold. And, that would also mean sales would dwindle or completely stop.


To counter this potential threat, companies should build an advertising ecosystem. And, this means putting ads on multiple social media sites. Even if one ad is on hold on one social media site, it won’t be catastrophic to the entire bottom line.

As an example, your ad is being restricted on Facebook. This shouldn’t be a big deal if you run ads on Pinterest, TikTok, and Google Shopping. Mix in SMS marketing and email marketing, and that significantly lessens the blow of Facebook putting your ads on hold.

Start Using SMS Marketing

If you are not taking advantage of SMS marketing, then you should start. It’s one of the most underrated forms of advertising in today’s world. And yet, it offers among the best returns for investments. Open rates of SMS marketing can go as high as 90%.

Social media ads can be scrolled through. Emails can be left unopened and ignored. However, because of the direct delivery of SMS, most people would open them, leading to sales.

Also, just think about the people who saw your ads and email and were about to make a purchase. However, they got distracted and forgot all about it. SMS can help in re-targeting those audiences. Furthermore, SMS paves the way for easy follow-ups and or offers special offers. Simply put, you can’t miss out on SMS marketing.

Incorporate Slang

Informal talking is the norm for most people. Hence, you may want to use slang words to convey that you are a real person. In most cases, slang words are fine. Don’t be afraid to use emojis and “OMGs.” Nowadays, people are more comfortable talking to a real person than corporate robots or machines.

Furthermore, the more you talk like your customers, the more comfortable they become with you. And, that will lead to more sales.

Of course, the kind of service or product will matter. However, even financial institutions employed such tactics yielding excellent results.

Communicate like a person, and skip all that “salesy” language that annoys most people and makes them want to block you instead.

Be Prepared With Apple

When Apple launched the iOS 14, it wreaked havoc with Facebook advertisers. It seems there’s a purpose why Apple is risking antagonizing another tech giant such as Facebook. There are rumors that Apple may be publishing its own advertising platform.

No matter the case, be always prepared for what Apple might do. If Apple launches its advertising platform, you may want to jump in as soon as possible. With the unbelievable amount of Apple users, it may be an opportunity that you can’t afford to miss.

With the fast pace world of online advertising, it’s best to be on your toes, ready to react and adapt. With the strategies mentioned above, you can take the necessary steps to ensure that you won’t be left in the dust.

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