Why you should have an eCommerce website

Published On: January 11th, 2022

The conditions created by the COVID-19 pandemic have changed the mindset of consumers worldwide. People prefer to do most of their activities online, including education, work, entertainment and of course, shopping.

Statistics show that eCommerce sales have been increased, so it is easy to understand that having a good ecommerce website is essential for many businesses to be successful in 2022. No matter if you sell fashion products, electronics, toys or anything else, having your own ecommerce store is the best way to start the new year.

Now here is a quick guide about creating your online store, the advantages and the important elements to consider for success.

There are basically two ways to build your ecommerce website:

Pre-Built ecommerce platforms

There are some platforms that offer a series of integrated tools to build your online store quickly. With these platforms you can create simple websites with all the basic functions.


As they are pre-built, their options are limited so if you need customized options, you need to hire a professional developer to implement those functions. These platforms usually charge you based on the monthly plan you choose regardless of your sale’s volume. When you start to sell, they will charge a percentage of each sale for handling transactions and some other services.

Custom designed ecommerce website

If you are looking for something out of the box without limited functionality and more freedom in design, then you should consider building your online store completely from scratch. However, this method requires more technical knowledge and in case you don’t have it, you’ll need the help of a professional web developer. The custom designed websites usually cost more at the beginning but in long term they are more economical than pre built platforms with monthly subscriptions.

ECommerce Benefits

Bigger market place

Reaching out to global market is the great advantage of ecommerce businesses as well as the speed and automation to carry out transactions.

Greater control over your business

Thanks to modern digitalization, it is easier than ever to run a business. You can categorize your products, track sales and process payments automatically without worrying about the flow of the money.

Running business 24/7 365

An online business has the great advantage of running non-stop, since technology takes care of almost everything. Many of the largest eCommerce portals started in a garage so you can also start your business from the comfort of your home.

Important elements

The eCommerce industry has already been in operation for a couple of decades, so there is already a kind of path that is recommended to follow to guarantee the proper functioning of an online store. There are a number of factors that you should include by default in your store if you want to maximize your store performance.

1- HTTPS certificate

It is a security protocol that allows your buyers to exchange data securely with your website and be protected from cybercriminal’s attack.

2- User-friendly interface

Keep your interface and navigations simple. Most people are in rush so they don’t want to waste their time trying to figure out how your website works in order to make a simple purchase.

3- Live chat options

Although there are several options to keep in touch with your customers, a live chat could be the preferred option for most consumers since the attention is faster and more personalized.

4- Sufficient information about your products

Remember to include as much information as you can to describe your products. The consumers like to know all the features of their wish item, including color, model, brand, etc.

5- Good quality images

High resolution pictures awaken the senses and create brand awareness, driving your conversion rates to the stratosphere. Visually sharp, appealing photographs can persuade an undecided shopper to buy whatever you are selling.

6- Automated payment systems

Modern payment systems include everything you need so your business can process the customer payments simultaneously. Some of the best gateways are PayPal, Stripe, and Amazon Pay.

7- Subscription and newsletter forms

It is always a good idea to have a form to request the email address of your prospects and keep them informed about your products, promotions and discounts. It is also ideal to start an email marketing campaign.

8- Analytics and reporting

It’s essential to have a tracking and reporting system on your website that allows you to keep track of your customers and generate reports to observe how they behave. Understanding their behaviors will help you to improve your service and achieve more sales.

9- Be clear about your policy

Make sure to have your terms and conditions agreement and privacy policy visible. Your customers should know clearly about your return or exchange policy, shipping, payment and privacy policy before they place any order and they have to agree to your conditions through the checkout process. If you are not sure what you should include into those sections, consult with a legal adviser.

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